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Why You Should Request an Open MRI

MRI (also known as magnetic resonance imaging) is a medical diagnostic test that uses magnets and radio waves to generate images of the body's interior structures. The images it produces allow for specialists to easily discern between different tissues in the body.

Traditional MRI machines are large, cylindrical units in which a patient lies on a platform inside a very cramped, tightly enclosed chamber. These units are notorious for causing discomfort and claustrophobia. Some patients require anti-anxiety medication to undergo a traditional MRI, while others are simply unable to complete the tests, which often last 45 minutes.

The traditional MRI machine's small chamber also makes it impossible for the unit to accommodate larger individuals. Some patients are just too big to receive an MRI the old-fashioned way.

Fortunately, at DMI we utilize the latest medical technology and have a stand up MRI, also known as Fonar or an open MRI. With this unit, the test is done vertically in an open structure that allows a patient to be seated or standing. Because it's open and not tightly enclosed, it facilitates patients of all sizes and does not cause issues with claustrophobia. In fact, the open MRI allows patients undergoing the test to watch television if they so choose.

Open MRIs are also helpful because they show the patient in more standard weight bearing positions. This allows for analysis of movements or positioning to aid in diagnosis of a cause of pain or other issue.

DMI is proud to offer the upright, open MRI diagnostic test to patients. It's just one of the many advanced technologies available here that make medical testing as comfortable and accurate as possible. For more information about an open MRI, or to schedule an appointment, please contact our staff. They'll be happy to assist you!