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Know Your Body with iDXA

Body composition analysis is a relatively new branch of medicine made possible by advent of iDXA technology. One of the newest medical diagnostic tests available, iDXA (also known as a dual energy absorptiometry scan) uses x-rays to create a cross section of the body that displays with great precision body fat, lean muscle, and bone. This information is used by specialists to help analyze a patient’s wellness.

Body composition analysis is currently one of the fastest growing fields of medicine as technological breakthroughs have made it into an exact science. Through the use of the advanced iDXA diagnostic technology, specialists can create an accurate picture of the exact composition of a patient’s body. This testing is a much more accurate judge of body wellness and healthy body composition than other methods of measuring body fat, such as BMI or the skinfold caliper test. It gives doctors exact information about the makeup of the body that is unavailable through any other method.

Body composition tests are particularly helpful in determining whether a patient has excess amounts of visceral fat. Visceral fat is fat which is located in the torso around the organs. It’s often known as hidden fat because it’s much less obvious than subcutaneous fat (fat located under the skin). Visceral fat is far harder to lose than subcutaneous fat, and is a much bigger health risk factor. Visceral fat can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and a number of other medical problems. Patients with a large amount are likely to be overweight, and are good candidates for weight loss.

The iDXA body analysis technology is also useful for athletics, as it shows the breakdown of muscle on an athlete’s body. Using the information gathered from a body analysis, it’s possible to tailor training programs for faster strengthening and elimination of weak spots. iDXA scans are also used to determine bone density in older or ill patients, and can help detect conditions like osteoporosis.

Dynamic Medical Imaging is proud to be one of the few diagnostic testing centers to offer patients the iDXA scan, and to be a leader in this burgeoning field of medicine. Talk to your doctor today about your body composition, and make an appointment to utilize this advanced technology. There’s no better way to take control of your health!